Testimonials from Sponsors Commitment

In this project that you have asked me to be a part of, when I reflect on my life, I believe that I have believed in and pursued status, honor, power, and authority.

However, I’ve realized that I’ve always been in love with love.

I felt deeply connected to my true self when I heard MARTH’s music, so I decided to support this project.

I publicly listed my company 20 years ago.

Now, I am far past my 60th birthday and still have much love inside me.

The way of life of harmony passed down from ancient times can be a guideline for people all over the world. Thank you very much.

I participated in this project in a small way because I wanted to bring peace to the world.

Since I came across MARTH’s work through the trailer of “A Letter from Isaiah,” my outlook on life has significantly transformed, and I am genuinely grateful for it. I hope that others who have experienced heartbreak, like myself, will find healing through it just as I did. I earnestly desire this work to reach as many people as possible.

I learned about this project when I was feeling down about the current state of the world, which I see daily on social networking sites. I will support this work that will awaken me to live as love and the trailer that will change the world.

I was questioning my purpose in life when I realized that I wanted to contribute to making the world happier. I was invited to participate in this project.

MARTH and the people involved in this work have created it with a genuine desire for world peace.

It is my pleasure to support such work.