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The reason I left Naacal is because of the deep sorrow…
I left Sumer, the capital of Naacal,
because I was deeply saddened.…
After people ate the fruit of the division,
they all began to fight each other.
Race, nation-to-nation, organization,
skin-to-skin, ideology, people-to-people,
competition, fighting, religion, politics,
and various divisions have struck humanity,
as did the parent nation of the Naacal.
So did the leaders of our country…
I swore to God.
God trusted me to create a world of people who
realized that all that harmonizes is one.
The extreme end of separation, the time of the end,
the time when all values are divided,
and all are heading for destruction.
God has said that there is no such thing
as a division in this world and
that he will return the world (all things) to Eden.
That which leads to the truth of love, to oneness,
will be born of my children…
I am now heading to the promised land to keep that promise…

In the dream of one that God and humanity call,
people are divided,
comparing, competing,
and foolishly killing each other…
Just because they don’t know the truth…
Tears of Mu
Tears of great leaders who learned to love…
Couldn’t change the history…

Since ancient times,
this world has become dark.  

The real reason is that society has been
structured based on the principle of division and
the value of separateness without knowing

Sadly, everything is an enemy, a rival.
The days are filled with competition, comparison,
superiority, domination, slavery, conceit, and

I am sure that people are now aware of the
oneness of the world and wish to return to Eden,
the land of love in harmony…

This story goes back over 10,000 years
Why are the tears of the true and loving leaders common to each other?
It is a story of an attempt to discover the truth of the matter and how it all comes together in harmony (all things are one).
They mourned the suffering life of their compatriots because they didn’t awaken to that.
It is also the beauty of this work, which is a tribute to people with beautiful hearts.
People will kill, steal, cheat, and hate each other when one is lost.
Therefore, awakened people continue to convey that the country will be ruined, and the people will be destroyed.
In other words, it is the story of the sad Buddhas who failed to build the country of love…
Songs are also created from such stories…

“Tears of mu” Prologue

Mankind ate the fruits of knowledge and possessed an ego.
Because of that, they have lost the oneness, the indivisibility, the eternity.
Everyone who was separated from it possessed death…
God suffered from it, and awakened people wept for it…
From there, beautiful chiefs of all eras wept for the suffering people of the separation… 
It was a long time ago…
Abram, the leader of the priesthood in the kingdom of Nākarśmela, was deeply suffering because he had to depart from the country.
It was because he had to tell and persuade his family and friends about the epic journey of abandoning everything and living a new life.
They have to abandon everything…
A man walks in the desert.
His family, friends, and clan followed a little later…

Healing Animation
Return to EDEN TEARS of MU
2024 Release
In the process of production

-Tears of mu-

In a country that harmonizes, leaving a hometown that cannot live with love, Abraham walks through the desert with tears in his eyes…
In his hand, he drags a cane bearing the emblem of Mu, which later became the cane of Aaron, and he walks…
Heading to Canaan in the desert
Sumer, the land of Naqar, which aimed to be a land of love that harmonizes.
The story begins with the sadness of not being able to live with the love of the priest.
The beloved Mu has perished by the rule of leaders and the people who have abandoned their love and harmony…
The tears of Ra mu, Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, the Jesus were the same…
It is such a sad story…
Spectacular historical romance following Isaiah’s will
Can a person live with love?
Tears of mu

Why don’t we create a world that cherishes all life?
Tears of Mu
Will you still fight?
Competition is sadness

Tears of Mu
All the buddhas weep for their people and those who suffer,
not knowing what one is.

Why does human follow the path of love?
To realize that everything was one

Tears of Mu
Stories of people who wept because they wanted to make the world a better place.

Tears of Mu
We can be together even when we are apart

MARTH FILM 4th Healing Animation
Return to Eden Tears of Mu
Animated Feature Film / Main story: 1 hours 30 minutes / Bonus:
Original story, music, script, directed and overall production by MARTH
Hardcoded subtitles English
CC, subtitles English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Belarusian ,Korean
Audio languages Japanese
Healing Animation movie
HD video & Bonus Features included

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