Our Desire

The vision of Marth Film

Transformation of Consciousness

Many people say that the time has come for individuals to know the truth through SNS and that this is the time to convey the essential truth.

Support Project

MARTH FILM has walked the path of the oneness of all things and will continue to do so in the future.

If you also share our vision and wish to support our idea of this world shifting toward love, we would be honored to extend our hands to walk together.
We will create a future of love together…

We hope to walk with sincere, loving, and righteous people who want to support such projects.
It means a lot to share the joy of collaborating on a beautiful project that will transform the world.

  1. We will only engage in conversations with individuals who display kindness, love, and righteousness
  2. We will continue working with those who are aware of and understand the “Return to Eden “project, which creates a world of love.
  3. We will only share this information with those who understand and support our project and can see it in the future.

Since ancient times, true yogis have said.

Conversation (values) is what creates true peace.

What does that mean?

It means that everything stems from human conceptions, beliefs, and values, which we call karma,

Their profound realization was that the dualistic view of the world as self and others (karma passed down from generation to generation) destroys peace and a happy life.

The quantum truth of this world, that all things are one, has become a reality, resulting in conflicts.

A conflict filled with conflict and competition. Perhaps most important to this world now is a conversation about the value of the oneness of all things.

This project aims to create world peace by spreading the conversation of values of oneness throughout the world…

Changing the values that separate people will change the root of all problems.

Therefore, since ancient times, wise people have been devoted to selflessness, oneness, one source, and the end of ego, while those who believed in separate karma aimed to expand themselves and strengthen their egos…

The film

The film “Return to EDEN TEARS of MU,” to be released in 2024, is an animated feature-length film that tells the story of a short story.
The protagonists of each story feature some of the most inspirational figures in human history: Moses, Abram, Isaiah, and Ra mu.
The Moses version, currently in production for release, is inspired by the Ten Commandments story.
The story of The Ten Commandments is one of the most well-known and beloved biblical tales that guides the heart.
In MARTH’s depiction of the story, the characters are shown to have strong feelings of affection towards their brothers.
They desperately try to protect and save their fellow soldiers, even when God swallows the pursuers who attack Moses and his men in the sea.
It is written in the vein of the true Isaiah Torah.