We want to connect with beautiful, loving people with love.

Feedback from people who have come into contact with MARTH’s works has been received across borders.

” Peace and love are wonderful when the world is like this.” Ecuador

 “What we want to watch.”

“I agree, be courageous.”

“I love this work.”

“We focus on showing love and acceptance to everything and everyone around us.
As everything is just a manifestation of energy, different names may know the universe, but we must remember that we are all one. We must recognize and accept everyone as a part of this fantastic energy.”

“Beautiful sounds create a beautiful world.
Loving people create a loving world.
Praying for peace in the world🙏” Japan

“People all over the world want to return to a world of love.”

” I appreciate what you are doing for our planet. Peace. Shalom.”

“Thank you, MARTH, for being present in this timeline in this life cycle to raise only the higher good vibrations among us and spread love.
And, after all, it is love.
I wanted to share this excellent video because I loved it so much.
I think MARTH’s work is the most important work the world should share.”

The music written by MARTH for “Return to EDEN TEARS of MU” has already been recorded.

It is being performed by 140 musicians from the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, choir, and some of Japan’s finest film musicians and is being created with heart-felt friends who share the MARTH FILM films.

The music and stories are accompanied by their wishes for peace…

Testimonials from participating artists

As Marth shows us, we have always dreamed about the world of love.

But now there is a war in a country that is so close to us. Many thousands of years ago, Moses led his people from Egypt to this land. At the end of the journey, God appeared to him on Mount Sinai, gave him the Ten Commandments for the people, and made a covenant with them.

An essential point in this law is Thou shalt not kill. That’s how we learned it in school.

People are being murdered by the thousands today. It isn’t very pleasant to think about. I’m confused about it.

The only way out is to return to Marth’s ideas: “Everything is one.”

*Czech National Symphony Orchestra Chief Engineer JAN KOTZMANN